Refugee Action Group

Support those who are dealing with the ongoing crisis in Syria

Do you want to respond to the refugee crisis but don’t know how? The continuing refugee crisis has touched many of us and it’s difficult to know how we can respond.

Vanessa Faulkner has started a group to provide a coordinated Marlow response, working alongside a similar group in High Wycombe. What this group has achieved is an inspiring story of ordinary people coming together to do amazing things.

Through Marlow Refugee Action Group you can donate food, clothing, medical supplies etc. to go in a monthly container delivery to Syria. The current appeal is highlighted below, so if you have any of these items that you no longer need, or would be happy to part with, then please do give generously.



You can drop donations into Marlow Refugee Action Group’s collecting bin in the porch of All Saints Marlow, which is open during the day.