Music Trust

Ensuring a musical legacy for All Saints Marlow

All Saints Marlow has a very strong musical tradition, with a Men and Boys’ Choir, a Girls’ Choir and an Adult Choir singing at the weekly choral services, as well as an instrumental group which accompanies more informal worship.

The benefits of this long standing musical tradition both to church, community and the Choristers themselves (excellent musical education and training, first hand knowledge of a huge repertoire of superb music, the development of reading skills, self-discipline and self-confidence) are incalculable and far too precious to lose. Marlow must not follow the increasing number of churches where this tradition is already disappearing. Estimates vary, but recent studies suggest that there are now only some 40 or 50 Parish Churches which have an active Men and Boys’ Choir. Fewer still have a Girls’ Choir as well as a Boys’ Choir. BOys 3 It is becoming increasingly difficult to fund even the basic, day-to-day needs of the Choirs, some of which are listed below. To ensure their continuing growth and development, regular additional training needs to be provided too, choral bursaries and an Organ Scholarship established, and outreach into local schools, supporting choral work and forging mutually beneficial links, made a regular feature. The All Saints Marlow Music Trust (Registered Charity No. 1164231) was established in 2012 to place funding for music on solid foundations, both to meet current needs, and to create a permanent endowment fund for the future. It has the full backing of the Rector and the Church Council and will benefit community and church alike. The Trustees have a wide range of key skills and experience, including fundraising, accountancy, money management, and music education. One of them represents the Church Council, so liaison with the church’s decision making body is assured. All contributions, however small, are always welcome, whether on a one-off or on a regular basis. The Donation Form (see below) can easily be printed off and, whatever your contribution, the Trustees thank you, in anticipation, for your help in supporting such an important aspect of Church life, an aspect which, amongst its many other strengths, brings a significant element of outreach, especially to our young people. The objectives of the All Saints Music Trust are as follows:

  • To further the religious work of All Saints Church, Marlow, by enhancing, safeguarding and sustaining its choral tradition for the benefit of its choristers and musicians, its parishioners and the community at large.
  • To advance the education of the general public by encouraging, developing and maintaining their interest in the work of the Choirs and Organists of All Saints Church through performances of church music (both choral and instrumental) and by such other means as shall be deemed appropriate

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