4U in the Community

Exploring the positive impact of faith in the community

Jesus calls us to have a very positive impact in the on our community.  This can happen wherever we live and work, among colleagues, friends and neighbours.  Our individual church members contribute hundreds of hours of voluntary service in local charities, clubs and societies every month.  But we can make a difference when we group together as well, as the examples on this page show.

One Can Trust

One Can Trust12,000 children in Bucks live in income poverty. Many people are struggling financially and this means there’s often a decision between paying a major bill or eating. It is not unheard for parents to skip meals to make sure their children can eat! A foodbank is a simple idea: collect food, sort it and give it out to those who need it.  One Can Trust provides a short-term free emergency food supply of items such as meat, vegetables and puddings etc. The parcel provides enough nutritious basic ingredients, together with menu cards, to create a number of meals. The One Can Foodbank is stocked by the generosity of people from local churches, schools, companies and individuals who regularly donate food, time and money.  This community of people also come together regularly to sort, pick, pack and distribute food parcels to those in need. Visit the Once Can Trust website for more information.

Open Kitchen

Food Share MaidenheadAll Saints Bisham supports Open Kitchen in Maidenhead. Open Kitchen is a charity providing food and help for people in and around Maidenhead who can not afford to feed themselves properly. to find out more, click here.

Beer and Philosophy

BeerIt can be hard to find a place to discuss life’s big questions. Beer and Philosophy is a series of evenings offering our community a place to discuss big questions about life and God over a pint of beer in a local pub.

Love Marlow

love-marlowOur vision is for Marlow to be a town in which life, love, and all that is good is held up and celebrated. Our aim is to help strengthen relationships across the town by promoting kindness, volunteering and fun, so that every resident feels cared for, everyone who works here knows they are valued, and every visitor is welcomed.

To this end Church Together in Marlow are running a festival packed full of community activities – sports events, live music, art displays, drama, craft workshops, fun stuff for kids, and opportunities to help the elderly and vulnerable in practical ways.

To find out more about the different events, visit the Love Marlow website. To take part, or for enquiries, please email hello@lovemarlow.co.uk.

Civic Life

Each of our churches plays an active role in civic life, for example supporting the scouting and guiding movements, hosting remembrance events and other civic services.

our churches

We have churches in Marlow, Bisham, Little Marlow and Marlow Bottom which have a range of services, activities and events of differing patterns and styles - you can read more about the individual churches that make up our team by following the links below.

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All Saints


Welcome to the church by the Bridge which for nearly two centuries has been the iconic image of Marlow. In its central location, the church is not just at the heart of Marlow geographically, but also spiritually.

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All Saints


Welcome to the ancient church of Bisham, standing on one of the loveliest reaches of the Thames. Restorations have been made to the church over the years, but harmony in its ancient beauty has been maintained.

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St John The Baptist

Little Marlow

St John the Baptist has been welcoming visitors for nearly 1,000 years. In this 21st century we extend that invitation to you and hope to encourage you to come and see us soon.

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St Mary The Virgin

Marlow Bottom

Welcome to St Mary's where a loyal and friendly congregation await you. The ‘Valley Church’ is at the heart of the community with its modern building being used throughout the week by various organisations.

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