small groups 4u

Make new friends, learn something new, and grow closer to God

We think that small groups are central to the community life of our church outside of Sunday gatherings. We believe scripture teaches that the Christian life works better in community. Small groups are also an important place where we can relate our faith to all of our lives, the things we do and face every day. They meet regularly in homes and venues across the locality. There are lots of different groups to choose from, but the essence of every group is the same – to provide places to make new friends, learn something new and grow closer to God.


The small group structure is designed to make it easy for us all to sign up. Many groups will be brand new each term. Some groups may only last for just the three months’ duration of a term, whilst others will run continuously from term to term until the leaders choose to rest. This means attendees don’t have to feel tied to one group forever, giving them opportunity to possibly try a different type of group each term. Others however, especially as they connect deeper into the community of the church, may begin to deepen relationships by staying with just one group for a longer season beyond a single term – it’s always up to the attendees – we might make recommendations along the way, but the decision ultimately rests with them.

Each small group will have a category depending on the focus of the group. For example, traditional Bible study groups will be categorised as ‘General’, walking or cycling groups will be categorised as ‘Activity’, and so on. This term there are four categories – General, Courses, Activity and Life Stage.

Below you will find the list of groups that are available this term. Click on each group to find out more, or to book on to that group. Members of existing groups that are listed below will still need to sign up and register their place if they want to continue.


Acts 1-12
When: Every 2 weeks, 8pm – 9.30pm on Thursday
Where: Parsonage Gardens, Marlow
Using a bible study booklet the group will be studying Acts 1-12


Saints’ Alive
When: Every 2 weeks, 7pm – 9.30pm on Monday
Where: Various houses in Marlow
Start date: Runs from 15th May to 17th July
The Power of Praying will be following a Bible Study booklet. There will also be worship and social evenings

Dethroning mammon
When: Every 2-3 weeks, 7.30pm – 9.30pm on Wednesday
Where: Various homes in Bourne End and Little Marlow
Start date: Runs from 17th May to 19th July
The group will be studying the book ‘Dethroning Mammon’ by Justin Welby.

Wednesday wonders
When: Every 2 weeks. 8pm -10pm on Wednesday
Where: Bovingdon Heights, Marlow
Start date: Runs from 17th May to 19th July
Who’s this for?: More suitable for women
We will study the lives and experiences of eight women from the Old Testament, highlighting their faith and their flaws, their struggles and solutions. Women who were wives, mothers and worshippers of God; from a pagan prostitute to a prophetess waging war. Through these women, we learn about God, ourselves, the great problem with this world and what God is doing about it. These stories could change your life!You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to join this group! All are welcome as we learn, laugh and share our thoughts together.

The early Christian church
When: Every 2 weeks, 7.45pm – 9.45pm on Thursday
Where: Oak Tree Avenue, Marlow
Start date: Runs from 18th May to 20th July
Who’s this for?: For those wanting to grow in their Christian faith
Acts is a history of how the Christian church was founded and organised and solved its problems. The community of believers began by faith in the risen Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit, who enabled them to witness, to love and to serve. As today’s church community, we will look at how we can learn from the Christian church’s beginnings and see how the Holy Spirit work showed that Christianity was supernatural. We learn to be led by a supernatural God as his chosen people to reach out to others.

Bible Study – The book of Esther
When: Every 2 weeks, 8pm – 9.30pm on Thursday
Where: Meets at Hooks Farm Cottage, Henley Road, Marlow
Start date: Runs from 18th May to 20th July


Marriage course
When: Weekly, 7.30pm – 10pm on Thursday
Where: Costa Coffee, West Street, Marlow
Start date: Runs from 11th May to 29th June
The Marriage Course is a series of seven sessions for married couples, designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage. This will be delivered by Dave & Helen. Over the seven sessions, the course will help you to: understand each other’s needs, communicate more effectively, grow closer by learning methods to resolve conflict, recover from the ways you may have hurt each other, recognise how your upbringing affects your relationship
improve relationships with parents and in-laws, develop greater sexual intimacy, discover each other’s “love language” and much, much more….

When: Weekly, 7.30pm – 9.30pm on Tuesday
Where: All Saints Church, Bisham
Start date: Runs from 16th May to 20th June
Pilgrim is a discipleship course from the Church of England. It aims to create a place where people can explore the Christian faith together and see how it can be lived out each day. Pilgrim aims to equip people to follow Jesus Christ as disciples in the whole of their lives. Pilgrim takes a different approach to other Christian programmes. It approaches the great issues of faith not through persuasion, but participation in a pattern of contemplation and discussion with a group of fellow travellers. The primary focus of each session is a group of people engaging with the Bible together. It draws deeply from the Christian tradition and is inspired by key texts which sum up the heart of the Christian message.

Life explored
When: Weekly, 8pm – 9.30pm on Thursday
Where: Wynnstay Gardens, Marlow Bottom
Start date: Runs from 18th May to 6th July
We all want to be happy? Why is lasting happiness so hard to find? The course is an exposé of the little gods that promise us so much happiness, yet deliver so little. It uses DVDs and discussion along with scripture and will look at the themes of: The Good God, The Trustworthy God, The Generous God, The Liberating God, The Fulfilling God, The Life-Giving God & The Joyful God. You do not need a wide or deep bible knowledge and you may not consider yourself to be religious but want to look at why God can answer the questions of true happiness.

Biblical models of leadership (part 1)
When: Weekly, 8pm – 9.45pm on Tuesday
Where: St Mary’s Church, Marlow Bottom
Start date: Runs from 13th June to 18th July
Who’s this for?: For emergent leaders (whether in church, workplace or family) or those looking for refreshment in leadership
Exploring different aspects of leadership through the stories of various biblical characters. This will be done through study, discussion, practical application. This will be a stand-alone course, but the plan is to do ‘Biblical models of leadership (part 2) later in the year.

Lost for words? Sharing your faith with others
When: Weekly, 8pm – 9.30pm on Thursday
Where: Marlow Bottom Methodist Church.
Start date: Runs from 8th June to 20th July
Who’s this for?: For all who feel unsure or uncertain about how to share their faith and want to be more confident
Sharing your faith in Jesus with others can often feel ……………? Well, fill in the blank yourself. Scary? Awkward? Rude? Unnatural? Yet in the New Testament we see people sharing their faith confidently and hundreds and thousands joining the Church. We hear of people like Billy Graham, back in the day, filling stadiums and people coming forward in their thousands to receive Jesus as their Lord. More recently people like John and other Conference speakers we might know tell of stories of how they bumped into someone on the street and 10 minutes later that someone is becoming a Christian. As exciting as these stories are they can so often leave us cold because we think that can never be us. Do you know what? It can’t! At least almost certainly will not be! BUT with a little bit of thought and practice you can learn how to share your faith in a naturally confident way. That is what Lost for Words will do for you.


Mountain biking
When: Every 2 weeks, 9am on Saturday
Where: First session will be in Higginson Park
Start date: Runs from 20th May to 8th July
Join us for a one hour ride on Saturday mornings, followed by breakfast at the George & Dragon (optional). The first session in Higginson Park will cover basic handling skills from a experienced leader.

Book club
When: Monthly on Sunday afternoons
Where: Members’ homes if convenient
Start date: 14th May
Reading recommended books and biographies.


Prayer bears
When: Weekly, 7.30pm – 9pm on Monday
Where: Marlow Bottom.
Start date: 15th May
Come and make a prayer bear. No matter if you think you can’t sew come learn a new skill in making a miniature teddy bear.


Social group
When: Every 2 weeks, 8pm – 9.30pm on Wednesday
Where: Various homes
Start date: 17th May
We are a social group who meet and share our spiritual journeys. In the summer term, we are going to knit (possibly babies’ hats ready for the winter) for the refugees whilst we meet but we do not want to preclude non-knitters from joining us.

Eco church 4U
When: Weekly for 10 weeks, 8pm – 10pm on Thursday
Where: Pinecroft, Marlow
Start date: 18th May
For anyone who has an interest in caring for God’s earth, from an environmental and ethical perspective; and wants to do something practical about it
Are you interested in caring for God’s earth, from an environmental and ethical perspective, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you are already involved in initiatives to help look after the natural world, and want to meet with like-minded people? If so, this is the small group for you. Initially, we will be investigating and understanding the biblical basis for caring for God’s creation. Then, we will look at ways in which we can make a practical difference, both in our own lives and as part of the church. We will also be exploring the inspiring ‘Eco Church’ award scheme, which will challenge and equip us to care for God’s world in all areas of church life.

Film club
When: Every 2 weeks, 8pm, whenever convenient for group
Where: Parsonage Gardens, Marlow
Start date: 22nd May
The aim of the group is to see ‘serious’ film or films with a message at local cinemas then discuss over a cup of coffee.

Open mic night
When: Weekly, 8.30pm – 10.30pm on Thursday
Where: The Ship Inn, West Street, Marlow
Start date: TBC
Who’s this for?: For anyone who likes music, either playing or listening
Come along to the Ship Inn on West Street in Marlow, as we join in with their Open Mic Night. We’ll enjoy meeting together, listening to and playing some music. The plan is to have fun together and get to know some more people. We’ll also be thinking a bit about what it means to follow Jesus and live for Him, wherever we may find ourselves.

Beer and Philosophy
When: Weekly, 8.30pm – 10pm on Tuesday
Where: The Chequers, Marlow
Start date: Runs from 4th July to 18th July
Who’s this for: For spiritual seekers: a great way to discuss life!
It can be hard to find a place to discuss life’s big questions. Beer and Philosophy is a series of evenings offering our community a place to discuss big questions about life and God over a pint of beer in a local pub. The evenings include a short talk, Q&A with the speaker, then discussion around the tables as we eat and drink.

Life Stage

Young adults
When: Every 2 weeks, 7.30pm – 10pm on Friday
Where: Anna Clarke’s home
Start date: Starts 12th May for six sessions
Who’s this for?: For those ages 18-35
The All Saints Young Adults group will be meeting 6 times over the summer term.  Each evening will start with supper together followed by some Bible study time and finishing off with a game or 2, depending on time.  It will be a real mix of socialising and study and open to everyone wherever they are in their faith journey. Our small group study will be ‘If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat’, based on the book by John Ortberg. It will be a mix of video clips and group discussion.

Ladies Lunch
When: Every 2 weeks, 12pm – 2pm on Wednesday
Where: Members’ homes or local pubs
Start date: 17th May
Who’s this for: For those widowed or on their own who would like to get to know others


Eat cake Medmenham patch
When:  Every 2 weeks, 8pm – 9.30pm on Tuesday
Where: Medmenham Military Patch
Start date: 23rd May
Who’s this for: This is for women on the military patch at Medmenham to get together for cake, catch up and there will be a prayer box they can put their prayer requests in.

Bumps and Babies
When: Every 2 weeks, 10.30am – 12pm on Friday
Where: Church creche in All Saints Church, Marlow
Start date: 19th May
A relaxed, friendly and informal group set up for parents and children aged 0-3years to meet up, let the children play and discuss some aspect of bringing children up in the Christian faith. We are currently working through ‘The Wisdom House’ DVD by Rob Parsons, which involves 8 sessions reviewing different areas of ‘wisdom’ in parenting; e.g Forgiveness, Love, Dreams etc. Alongside the DVD, the facilitator guides the group through discussions on the topic, encouraging listening, friendship and support. Next we will be looking at ‘Faith in the Family’, which has a similar format with a short DVD to watch followed by a relaxed discussion around the topic for that week. We will be looking at how we can best live out our faith within our families. Sessions will include; why it matters, real families, faith in the home, the role of the church and making a difference.

Peace of mind
When: Weekly for five sessions, 4pm – 5.30pm on Sunday
Where: Bisham Abbey
Start date: 14th May
Who’s this for?: For the retired and those nearing retirement as well as people with aging/ailing parents
A series of five talks giving practical information on legal, financial, housing, death and dying – the things we typically ignore or put off.

e.g.culture – Living by example (charitable giving for young professionals)
Monday evenings
Come and find out about this project as we form a group of young professionals to make a tangible impact on the lives of others through learning how to maximise the impact of your giving. The group mentor will prayerfully and professionally help you agree on a project to fund and show how to work hand-in-hand with your chosen charity until your chosen project is completed.  He will also prayerfully help you to find an experienced philanthropist who will match the money you have saved. You’ll each be contributing to a shared pot and then will manage an individual charitable project to its completion. You can find out more about the initiative here. During the first term we will also be including sessions on prayer from the Prayer Course.

Where can I find out more?

We have produced a comprehensive list of questions and answers providing further information. If you’d like to find out more then contact any of the Small Group 4u team – Sarah Fitzgerald, Marilyn Clarke, Ruth Frost, and Kathy Burns, or any of the 4u Pastoral team. Alternatively you can email