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We are very fortunate with what we have but elsewhere in the world people are not so fortunate. Jesus calls us to help out where we can

Our immediate community may be in Marlow but we believe that everyone has a responsibility for the wider global community.

4U further afield

Compassion UK

From the 1st to 6th March, Dave and Helen Bull travelled to Kolkata as guests of Compassion UK, a child sponsorship charity that cares for 1.4 million of the poorest children in 26 countries around the world. They visited three different projects and met graduates of the programme. Every one of Compassion’s projects is run by a carefully selected local church. Every child is known by name and receives support for body, mind, heart and spirit. The results are truly inspiring. Watch Samina’s story and then judge for yourself:

It only costs 83p per day to sponsor a child and change their life (and usually the lives of their wider family at the same time). We are exploring forming a partnership between the 4Uteam and a Compassion project, whereby individuals can sponsor a child and at the same time we can grow a relationship with the church running the project. This would make it possible for us to visit in the future to support the church and to meet our sponsored children. Please let us know if you would like to take part. Watch this space! To see how child sponsorship works, click here.

Hear directly from Dave and Helen about their trip by watching the YouTube video below:

A pictorial report compiled by Dave and Helen can be viewed below:

You can see more videos from Dave and Helen’s trip to Kolkata by clicking here.

Parish of St James, Galashewe, South Africa

Galashewe South AfricaKimberley and Kuruman Diocese is a very deprived state (Northern Cape) with much unemployment and few resources. The famed diamond mining in Kimberley is now very much in decline with nothing comparable to take its place.

The countryside is subject to high temperatures and little rainfall and is semi desert in many places. This is not the picturesque tourist landscape of other parts of South Africa.

In 1995 a link was established between the Marlow Team Ministry and St James, Galeshewe, a black township in the outer suburbs of Kimberley with about 70,000 inhabitants some of whom are reasonably comfortably off and well housed but many live in shacks.

St James’ congregations have a good understanding and compassion for their members. There is a very active and flourishing pre-school for about 60 children.

St James and the Marlow Team Ministry have recently established respectively a Youth Club and a Community Youth Project. Youth work may be an area where we could support each other and opportunities are being explored.

In September 2014 we welcomed Father Reggie Leeuw and his wife Noma from St James’s Church on a visit to our parish.  Watch this space for future plans on working together on some projects with our friends from Galashewe.

Our Team contact with St James is Sue Glyn-Woods who can be contacted by emailing sueglyn-woods@marlowanglican.org

our churches

We have churches in Marlow, Bisham, Little Marlow and Marlow Bottom which have a range of services, activities and events of differing patterns and styles - you can read more about the individual churches that make up our team by following the links below.

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All Saints


Welcome to the church by the Bridge which for nearly two centuries has been the iconic image of Marlow. In its central location, the church is not just at the heart of Marlow geographically, but also spiritually.

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All Saints


Welcome to the ancient church of Bisham, standing on one of the loveliest reaches of the Thames. Restorations have been made to the church over the years, but harmony in its ancient beauty has been maintained.

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St John The Baptist

Little Marlow

St John the Baptist has been welcoming visitors for nearly 1,000 years. In this 21st century we extend that invitation to you and hope to encourage you to come and see us soon.

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St Mary The Virgin

Marlow Bottom

Welcome to St Mary's where a loyal and friendly congregation await you. The ‘Valley Church’ is at the heart of the community with its modern building being used throughout the week by various organisations.

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