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Alpha Course in Marlow Bottom

Do you have questions about life, death and God?

The phenomenally successful Alpha Course is running again in Marlow Bottom. The course gives an opportunity to explore the really big questions of life and time to think through the big issues.

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, run over 10 weeks. Each session has a video that looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation.

Alpha is run all around the globe, and everyone is welcome. It runs in cafés, churches, universities, homes – you name it. No two Alphas look the same, but they have three key things in common: food, a talk and good conversation.

Our course course runs from Wednesday 30 September, 8-9.30pm, at Tin Town Coffee Shop in Marlow Bottom. To sign up, contact Graham Watts by email at or by phone at 07852 587687.