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Art and spirituality

Our recent event for Lent and Easter comprised seven installations. These represented Jesus’ journey from Palm Sunday to the crucifixion.

Sandygate primary school pupils visited All Saints during Easter week, accompanied by their teachers. Members of the congregations at ASM, who had volunteered to man each installation, explained the significance of each stage in Christ’s journey. Many of the installations were interactive and the children enjoyed the aroma of the herbs and spices, placing their hands in the ‘nard’ and then washing their fingers before taking a piece of bread from the table representing the Last Supper.

Beside the display of 30 pieces of silver, they picked up a coin to represent something they regretted doing or saying and they were encouraged to place this at the foot of the Cross. Holy Trinity pupils, teachers and parents also experienced the displays when they attended their service at All Saints.

During the week members of each congregation, visitors to the church and those volunteering to pray in the Prayer Chapel in our week of 24/7 prayer, were all able to encounter aspects of Christ’s journey as represented by each installation. As a focus for prayer, a large wire and metal cross was suspended high above the prayer space. The total number of people who experienced the displays included three congregations on two consecutive Sundays plus all the school children and visitors during Easter week.

There were many positive comments. Young and old took the opportunity to write their own prayers and place them in the Prayer Chapel and these are some examples: “Pray for co-operation between different parts of our community”, “Help me to make myself available to you in the way you plan for me”, “Lord, I want to walk in your path. Please guide me”, “ I pray that I can trust you even when times are tough”, “God help the vulnerable”.

“Let me constantly draw on You as my source”, “Lord, I pray for courage to become all you call us to be, for wisdom and for peace”, “For Healing and for outpouring of the Holy Spirit”. Dozens of prayers were written on paper tags and suspended from the tree branches in the chapel.

Linda Scott

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