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Can you help All Saints Marlow better serve our community?

visionWe are called to serve each other, serve our communities and most of all serve God. In serving God we want to grow our church so that others can experience His grace. One way we can do this is by being welcoming and encouraging others to come and join us. If we want to welcome people to our church then it is our character that is most important, but having the facilities for hospitality also helps.

We are thrilled to now have an approved scheme to construct a kitchenette, providing us with improved facilities that will help us cater for those who attend our church building, either at our services, or one of the many other events we host at All Saints.

It will also open the opportunity to provide refreshments to visitors during the week.

Children are a big part of the church and we want them to feel every bit as welcome as the adults. So the proposal also includes a new crèche area where they can play in safety while the services go on around them.

How can you help this become a reality? The total cost of the next stage is £100,000, of which we already have £60,000 in hand. We therefore need £40,000 more in order for the work to go ahead.

Ways you can help include:

  • A one-off cash gift towards the cost.
  • A regular monthly gift for a set period of time.
  • An interest free loan to enable work to go ahead whilst fundraising is in progress.
  • Arrange a fundraising event or carry out a sponsored activity. Make sure you let us know about it so we can help promote it.
  • Offer to carry out work for others and donate the income to the project.

Above all, please pray for the project and that the necessary resources will become available. Prayerful consideration might involve giving to support all that God wants us to do. Responding thankfully for all that God does for us, we may decide to start giving or giving more – giving joyfully, sacrificially and proportionately to that we each can afford.

…and please remember we are seeking this in addition to any regular commitment that you have to supporting the Church.

If you want to know more about this project, then contact Richard Powell on 01628 486502. If you want to find out more about helping to finance this project, any enquiry will be met with discretion and confidentiality, understanding the cares and concerns people have about this important aspect of the life of the church.

If you are able to make a donation, please complete this form and send to: The Treasurer, All Saints Church, Marlow, c/o Parish Office, The Causeway, Marlow SL7 2AA.