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Children’s Discipleship Leader – the next step of faith?

Baptism at All Saints Marlow with Dave Bull

Baptism at All Saints Marlow with Dave Bull

For many months the Church Council has been discussing what we believe is the next big step of faith on our journey as a church. Now is the time to give you some information about it and to ask for your support.

The step is to appoint a new full-time member of staff to be our Children’s Discipleship Leader and here explain why we believe this is the right thing to do and why we think now is the right time to do it. Please prayerfully consider whether you would like to support this appointment, asking for more information if you need it.

Thank you as ever for the part each of you plays in this wonderful church family and for our shared commitment to follow Jesus together.

Where are we as a church?

God’s church is not about numbers. Every person matters. Each person’s story reveals something different about how God is at work in our midst. You will have your own ideas about where we are as a church. But, as a shorthand indication of the changes that have happened over the past three years, we can say:

  • like-for-like Sunday attendance is up 39% (children: 49%)
  • our voluntary income is up 27%

Our resources – what has changed?

We rejoice that God has sent us the resources we need – on top of what we already had – to stimulate growth and to help us cope with it. Some examples are:

  • Volunteers: in all areas, including the new service and Alpha
  • Clergy: Wendy (our curate), Mieke (retired and active!)
  • Our building: better access, new chapel seating + future plans
  • Infrastructure: new sound equipment, new website & database
  • Funding: our new Music Trust, Friends of All Saints’ grant

But did you know that our four children’s Sunday groups (across the 9.15 and 10.59 services, catering for up to 50 children each week) are run entirely by our magnificent team of volunteers with resources that have hardly grown since 2011?

In other words: despite the new resources listed above, one of our top priorities and biggest growth areas (children) receives little more resource now than it did 3 years ago! We believe it is time to address this urgent need and vast opportunity by adequately resourcing this part of our church life.

What are the opportunities?

We are currently missing out on at least four golden opportunities that a full-time staff member would help us to develop:

  1. Junior Church at 9.15 and our 10.59 children’s groups together involve more than 30 volunteers. They need a qualified and experienced leader to support them and oversee the development and growth of these groups.
  2. Our boys and girls choirs contain over 40 children from 11 schools. Martin offers outstanding musical teaching, but we could do so much more to welcome them and their parents and siblings into our church family.
  3. Our church schools (Holy Trinity and Sandygate) between them serve 500 children. The heads of both schools are keen for even closer links with All Saints’ (think weekly assemblies, prayers spaces in classrooms, ‘God club’ at lunch break, teams of church members going into school), but we do not have capacity to take these opportunities.
  4. For many years, “Little Angels” offered valued support and fun to those with little children. We currently offer nothing during the week to babies and toddlers and their carers.

Our goal

Wisdom requires us to be sure we can afford to take this step. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of raising £15,000 by the end of 2014 and being confident of funding beyond that. If we achieve this, we will recruit for this post. If not, we will wait.

To make your confidential pledge, contact our Treasurer on: or 01628 473020

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