Post-Lockdown Survey

How should we move forward?

Lockdown and Covid restrictions have had a huge disrupting effect on all our lives and this has included the life of our church at St John the Baptist in Little Marlow.

We have had to rearrange, restrict and alter the way we have worshipped together and what we provide for the community. As we come out of these restrictions there are of course things we have been able to resume, including being able to meet face to face and singing God’s praises.

Other things, such as providing an online option and having events and a service outside, have proved positive and we want to look at continuing them in some form. Coming out of Covid restrictions gives us a chance to review what we have been doing and think about whether this is fit for the future. It gives us an ideal opportunity to not just go back to where we were, but move forward and develop our role in the community.

The District Church Council of St John the Baptist have committed to carrying out such a review of both our worship life, and how we relate to the community around us. We want to seek the views of both those who come to church, however frequently, and those in our community who don’t currently attend. We want to hear about what might help them become involved in the future and also how we as a church can be involved in and support the community, whether or not they wish to attend worship.

So we really want to hear the views of everyone, even if you don’t attend the church. We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete this survey as your answers will help shape the future of what we do at St John the Baptist Church. Please complete by Friday 8 October. You are invited to an Open Forum at the Church on Thursday 28 October at 7.30pm to present and discuss the outcomes of the survey. Thank you for taking time to complete our consultation survey

You can find the survey at the URL:

If there is anything you would like to discuss with us or there is any way we can help you please ring myself or one if the church wardens on the numbers below.

God bless, Sarah

Rev Sarah Fitzgerald
Team Vicar
01628 481167

Peter Rodger
Church Warden
07985 619780

Jeff Smith
Church Warden
07775 957090

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