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Beer and Philosophy

It can be hard to find a place to discuss life’s big questions. Beer and Philosophy is a series of evenings offering our community a place to discuss big questions about life and God over a pint of beer in a local pub. The evenings include a short talk, Q&A with the speaker, then discussion around the tables as we eat and drink.

There’s no need to book and there’s no fee, just come along and join the discussion! Of course you will need to buy your own beer!!!

The main questions that will be asked and hopefully answered during each of the evenings are:

11th June: Is it reasonable to believe in God?
18th June: Why does God allow suffering?
25th June: Is religion a good thing?
2nd July: Is spiritual experience real?

If you cannot make it on a Thursday night then we are also running a similar event at the Barn Club in Marlow Bottom on a Tuesday night.