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Good Friday three hour meditation

It is traditional to hold a meditation service on Good Friday for the 3 hours up to the time of Jesus’ death on the cross at 3pm. This is a solum and reflective service as we remember Jesus’ crucifixion but also filled with hope as we consider the forgiveness we receive through the cross and Jesus’ defeat of evil and death anticipating the joy of Easter day. The service will be divided into half hour sections with a combination of music, readings, reflections and silence. We will be using pictures by Clarissa Galliano as a focus of our reflections. You are welcome to come for the full 3 hours or for part of it. It would be helpful for people to come and go on the hour to minimise disturbance of others. We do have a portaloo in the church grounds if needed.

This is a very moving service and for many a highlight of the church year.