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Every year we set aside a special day to thank God for the harvest and all that he has provided us, and remember our responsibilities to those less fortunate than ourselves, something that is particularly important right now with the need for food banks increasing dramatically over the last few years.

As usual we will be taking food collections during the service with all donations being given to the One Can Trust so please do bring what you can. The current priority needs are: tinned meat pies, ham, potatoes/Smash, tomatoes, spaghetti, jars of pasta sauce and jam, packets of rice, jelly/Angel Delight, cereal, biscuits, toothpaste and brushes.

Of course even though this is set aside as a special day, that is not to say we shouldn’t be thanking God every day for all that he has provided us, and showing compassion to those less fortunate whenever we see it and not just on ‘special occasions’.