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Lantern celebration

Wow, what a year it has been! September marks a year since the Watts moved to Marlow Bottom to respond to God’s call to start a new church for families in Marlow Bottom. Since then, God has done many things in us, through us and mostly despite us (!) and they would love to share these stories with you at The Lantern Celebration.

The evening will be a chance to hear what has happened so far, meet others who have been involved in the Lantern, to engage with what is coming up in the future, to offer feedback and to pray together for the work of The Lantern.

You are invited to come at 7.30 for puddings and coffee and the ‘formal’ part of the evening will start between 8-8.15pm. Do arrive whenever you can, we hope to finish about 9.30-9.45pm.

Whether you have been in the thick of things that have been going on at The Lantern or have just been keeping a vague eye you are warmly invited to attend. Just turn up on the night.