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Pint and a ponder: Should faith and politics mix in the 21st century?

Tim Farron, Nicky Morgan and other ‘Christian’ MPs have received a rough ride from the media because of their faith. In the 21st Century can we really accept our leaders believing in a ‘higher power’? However, society changers of the past like Wilberforce and Shaftesbury have been inspired by their faith to make a positive difference. Can faith and politics really work together today?

Steve Baker is MP for Wycombe and Marlow Bottom. He was previously an RAF engineer officer and a consulting software engineer. He goes to church in Wycombe.

The pint and a ponder sessions are a follow on from the beer and philosophy evenings run previously. The aim is to create a space to talk about some of life’s big questions in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. A speaker gives us something to think about and everyone else then has a chance to ask the speaker questions and discuss what was said. All while enjoying a nice pint of beer (or glass of wine / soft drink if you prefer).