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Become a small group leader

We at All Saints Church in Marlow think small groups are central to the community of our church outside of Sunday gatherings. Scripture teaches us that Christian life is best lived in the community and real relationships can’t happen in rows on Sunday; instead they happen in the circle of smaller groups.

Small groups offer the opportunity to spend time together, grow in discipleship through supportive relationships, enjoy activities together, relate faith to everyday life, encourage each other’s gifts, pray with each other, engage with the Bible, and to serve. We therefore want to encourage as many people as possible to be part of a small group, hence the restructuring of our small group system. These groups will take a number of different forms to cater for needs of different stages of faith, interests and styles of learning.

What’s changing?

Each small group will have a category depending on the focus of the group. For example, traditional Bible study groups will be categorised as ‘General’, walking or cycling groups will be categorised as ‘Activity’, and so on. All groups in the new structure will adopt a termly pattern in line with the school system. All existing groups will continue as general groups and will be encouraged to meet weekly or bi-weekly during the term time. There will be a sign up period three weeks prior to the beginning of each term.

Sign up will be on line using Church App and assistance will be available at church where wifi is available. Paper sign up forms will also be available.#

Why the change?

We want to encourage greater participation and variety of groups to appeal to more people. We want to increase the number of leaders with termly commitment meaning less burn out for those already committed. The change will lead to an an easy means of signing up and a sustainable rhythm of groups meeting. There will be a four week sermon series called 21 st Century Disciples starting on the 5th February looking at what difference it makes to be a follower of Jesus in our modern society and how we hope the new Small Groups 4u programme will help you grow in that journey.

When is new small group system starting?

The new system will kickoff in the summer term of this year. Sign up will start after Easter.

Where can I find out more?

If you are interested in leading a small group then come along to this session on Monday 6th March at 7.30pm at All Saints Marlow to find out more. We have also produced a comprehensive list of questions and answers providing further information. You can also contact any of the Small Group 4U team – Sarah Fitzgerald, Marilyn Clarke, Ruth Frost, and Kathy Burns, or any of the 4u Pastoral team. Alternatively you can email