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Women’s breakfast

Our women’s breakfasts are an opportunity for women of all ages from the Marlow team of churches, as well as other churches in the area, to come together and enjoy meeting each other over breakfast. This is followed by a talk with a Christian theme from an outside speaker.

The speaker this time will be Kate Patterson. Kate Patterson is a writer and speaker, a primary school chaplain and on her church leadership team. She is mum to 3 boys (all now much bigger than her). Kate is author of “The Promise of Blessing” described by Canon J.John as “not just a book on blessing but of blessing” and by Eddie Lyle as “Compulsory reading for those who want to be blessed to be a blessing.” Kate is passionate about helping people encounter the God who changes lives.

The suggested donation is £5 for the breakfast. To book a place which is essential, please call either the Parish Office on 01628 481806 or e-mail or call Jeannie Hampton on 01628 471602 or Sue Peperell on 01628 482257 giving the names of those who wish to attend.