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The Federation of Holy Trinity and Little Marlow Church of England Schools

We’ve had a busy last few months. In March, Year 5 had a wonderful week away in Devon at Heatree House. The weather was perfect for the children as they went exploring the moors and studying the rivers and landscape. In their assembly after the trip, it was clear the children thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the visit and got a huge amount from it. I’m sure they will remember Heatree for many years to come. The lighter moments included girls deciding to sit down in the river, boys licking shells on the beach, children eating more food than they thought they could and two bus breakdowns, the second of which included a staff rendition of ‘High School Musical’ at the service station! The children experienced first-hand everything that they have been learning about rivers and were tremendously lucky with the weather. The number of tired faces even on Monday night is evidence of how much energy the children, and staff, put into each day.

Our thanks go to all the staff who accompanied the children. These wonderful and valuable experiences wouldn’t be possible if staff weren’t prepared to give up their own time to accompany the children away.

Our dance club danced their hearts out and impressed all the parents and teachers at their show before Easter.

They have done so well; coming to rehearsals with smiles on their faces, brightening up Miss Allen’s day and giving it their all. It was so good to see all your ideas come to life as you perform. You make a fantastic team and it has been lovely to see you make friends, grow as dancers and become in tune with one another.

Children at both Little Marlow and Holy Trinity are incredibly excited as later this term we will at last be having hot school meals at both schools. This is something that I know children and parents have been keen to introduce for a long time so we are delighted that it is happening.

Meals will be provided by the kitchen staff at Great Marlow School and if they are anything like the meals we tasted at the recent information evening, I’m sure they will be delicious and really popular!

To create space for the additional equipment and serving area necessary for our hot meals service, during the Easter break, Holy Trinity staff, governors and a host of volunteers worked hard to relocate our library.

After a good sort out, the library area is looking fantastic and the children have been visiting it over the past few weeks to get used to it.

Setting the scene for the Easter holidays, 4AS led the school in a poignant and fun service.

As they led us through the Easter story, they reminded us of the message of Easter and the hope it brings. Well done to all of the children for such a memorable service, and to the dance troupe too. It was lovely to see so many parents celebrating Easter with us and a perfect way to end the term for the Easter break.

Steve Butler – Executive Headteacher

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