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Give me patience

Give me patience and give it to me now.

When I lived in Romania, some of the staff used to joke about being the kind of people who would sometimes pray along the lines of: “God, give me patience… and I’d like it now please!” Ironic though it may be, it’s actually probably true of quite a lot of us.

How often do we pray wanting immediate results? So often we convince ourselves that our timing is right and that God should really take a leaf out of our book on this whole timing business! But I am learning that the more we submit to Him the more we see that His ways and His timing are indeed perfect.

Last term, my prayers for the schools work were becoming increasingly more demanding: “God, I need more people” or even, “God, if you want me to carry on then I need people to help”. Still nothing. Then, over the course of a week, five people contacted me – completely independently of one another, offering support to various children’s groups. A coincidence? Perhaps. God’s timely answer to prayer. More likely.

I am so thankful for how God has blessed the children’s ministry within the schools during my first year here. It has been a privilege to work with both Catherine Carter and Julianna Hall this year – Headteachers of Holy Trinity and Sandygate respectively. They are both leaving at the end of this academic year and I want to say THANK YOU to both of them for how incredibly supportive and open they have been in allowing us input into school life.

Although I can no longer do a Sainsbury’s shop without a wave from at least one child, I love the relationship that I am building with the children and this is only possible through regular contact with the schools. It is clear God is paving a way for us to be an active presence within the schools and in the lives of the children there and I look forward to next year with excitement for all that God has in store!

In writing this I’ve been reminded of the lyrics of an old song that say: “In His time, in His time, He makes all things beautiful in His time. Lord, please show me every day, as You’re teaching me Your way, that You do just what You say in Your time.”

It’s fascinating to be involved at All Saints during such an exciting period of activity. I pray too that as we move forward and make plans for the future, we might be just as accepting of and obedient to that voice that says ‘wait’, ‘listen’ or ‘not now’ as we are to the one that says ‘go’, ‘do’, ‘now’ and that we might learn to fully trust that where God leads, He meets our needs and where He guides, He provides.

Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 1:6)

Anna Clarke
Children’s Discipleship Leader at All Saints Marlow

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