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Imagine church: releasing whole-life disciples


Would you like to be used by God, to relate your faith to your day-to-day life, to be part of a church that equips and supports you on your frontline? Imagine a church that releases whole-life disciples to impact our society! To help us look at how we can become that church, this autumn the the Parish of Great Marlow and Marlow Bottom with Little Marlow and Bisham will be hosting

  • A day’s workshop on Saturday 10th October
  • A sermon series
  • A six week course for discipleship groups


We are greatly privileged to have Stefan McNally from the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC) coming to lead us in a day’s workshop to explore the concept of whole-life discipleship and how we can be a church that equips disciples to live out their faith in the realities of their day-to-day world. Find out more about the course and how you can register by clicking here.

Sermon series

Following on from the workshop, we will be running a series of sermons at our churches that follow the themes that emerge from it.

11th October – The state we are in
Colossians Chapter 1 v15-20 & Matthew Chapter 9 v35-38

18th October – The sacred secular divide
Genesis Chapter 2 v4-23 & Luke Chapter 10 v38-42

25th October – Gathered and scattered church
2 Kings Chapter 5 v1-15a & Luke Chapter 10 v1-11

1st November – Saints on the frontline
Colossians Chapter 3 v16 – Chapter 4 v5 & Mark Chapter 5 v1-20

15th November – Fruitfulness on the frontline
Galatians Chapter 5 v16-26 & John Chapter 15 v1-8

22nd November – Jesus, King of all your life
Hebrews Chapter 10 v19-25 & Matthew Chapter 6 v9-13

Six week course equipping whole-life disciples

We may be old or young; healthy or infirm; rich or poor; busy or bored. Whoever we are, as Christians we have at least one thing in common: we each have a Frontline:

  • the place you spend much of your time
  • where you meet people who don’t know Jesus
  • where God has called you
  • a place of possibility and potential

Often though, we don’t see ourselves, our workplaces homes, colleges and clubs in this light. But what might God want to do where we are day by day? How might he use us? How will we grow?

This creative and practical resource is a six-session DVD series for those seeking to help one another live fruitfully and faithfully for Christ in the daily places of life and work. Each session has a short film, discussion material, Bible reflections and stories illustrating how the principles have been worked out in real life. The sessions are:

  • The Frontline Call – What is my Frontline and why does it matter?
  • The Frontline Commission – What happens when life on our Frontline feels difficult?
  • The Frontline Community – How do all our various church activities equip us for our lives when we are apart?
  • The Frontline Concern – How do you know what to do on your Frontline?
  • The Frontline Cry – How does our Frontline shape our prayers?
  • The Frontline Commitment – How can we sustain our commitment to one another on the Frontline?

We are encouraging our Discipleship Groups to follow this course from LICC. If you would like to join a Discipleship Group then speak to a welcomer or clergy member, or e-mail If you would rather be part of a temporary group to follow this course, contact Sarah Fitzgerald by email or by phoning 01628 481167.