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Important moment for All Saints Marlow

Over the last three Sundays, we have been sharing some of what we believe God has in store for us as a church in the coming decade. I sense it is a really important moment for us as a church. Download a one-page summary of the three services.

Listen to the talks!

If you have missed some or all of the talks, don’t worry! You can listen to them via our website. Please catch up on them if you possibly can.

Where are we?

We have some some provisional answers to the question “Where are we going?”, and some proposals for the way forward, but nothing has been decided yet! To make those decisions we need to hear what you think. Having talked a lot over the last three Sundays, now is the time for me and other leaders of the church to listen.


What next?

On Sunday evening at 7pm, we are holding a Church Forum in the Church Hall to discuss our future. If you haven’t heard much about the plans – come along and find out! If you’ve heard and you really like the ideas – come along and say so! If you’re not sure some of the ideas are the right ones – come along and share your wisdom!

I really hope a good cross-section of our church family can come and join in the discussion. If you can’t come, please email your thoughts to me and I promise I will feed them into our discussion.

Thank you for being part of this amazing church family.  You have a unique contribution to make to our future. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us as we follow Jesus together.

Dave Bull
Team Rector