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New Service Wardens

The new church year has got off to an exciting start for us! As part of the planning for the Annual Church Meeting, Dave Bull and the Leadership Team had been prayerfully considering how we needed to respond to the growth that is occurring in our church. Richard Powell has been our only churchwarden for the past year and we owe him a huge ‘thank you’ for all he has done to keep the show on the road.

Going forward, it was recognised that this was not sustainable and we needed to position ourselves correctly if we are to build on the growth and take the wonderful opportunities that are opening up for us. To do this Dave and the team decided that there needed to be some significant changes to the way in which the church is led, by sharing responsibility more widely. This includes splitting up the role of churchwarden into a number of smaller roles and hence the role of Service Warden was born. God was working in the hearts of a number of people who came forward at the Annual Meeting to offer themselves as Service Wardens. It is wonderful to see the way in which people’s gifts fit exactly with the roles they are taking up – on the day of the Annual Meeting we had exactly the right number of candidates for each role!

So now we are able to introduce our new Service Wardens to you:

8.00 a.m. Service: James Cook
9.15 a.m. Service: Anne Morse (assisted by Ritchard Tysoe)
@1059 Service: David Clarke (assisted by Jay Blake)
5.30 pm. Service: Sue Glyn-Woods

What is the Service Warden’s role?

As our Church continues to grow our ability to communicate grows ever more important. The role of Service Warden has been set up in order to provide a bridge between everyone in the congregation and each of the individuals that contribute to our Christian community. This includes the clergy, stewards, sidesmen, church wardens, welcome teams, pastoral teams, hospitality teams, choirs and the Parish Office.

The service wardens are there to provide support wherever they can. This is at a personal level, where they will endeavour to ‘signpost’ the way to the help and guidance you may be seeking, both practical and spiritual. It is also at a group level, where they will aim to facilitate communication and ensure that no balls are dropped.

The Service Wardens want to maintain what is working today and help in the development of our church for tomorrow. Often very small things can make a big difference and they really want to hear your views on how you would like things to be.

They are your representatives on the Church Council. When important things are discussed they will share them with you and get your opinions. They will also support the church wardens and work closely with the other service wardens to build a common approach to working together and learning from each other.

It is very early days in the new way of working but we are very excited about it. Please do talk to your Service Wardens and their assistants, and share your views.

Julie Purves
Church Warden at All Saints Marlow

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