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Remembering a loved one

All Saints’ Church in Marlow is hosting a special ‘remembering a loved one’ service on Sunday 27 June at 5pm for all those who have lost someone dear to them during the Covid pandemic.

There have been so many lives taken from us over the last year, whether a result of Covid or not, and lockdown has made such painful loss even harder. With reduced capacity at funeral services and restrictions on travel, it has been difficult to gather together with family and friends to say goodbye to loved ones and celebrate the lives they led. This service is an opportunity to come together and remember those no longer with us and give thanks for their lives.

“This last year has been so hard and as a community we have lost so many loved ones, both family and friends. Many of us have had to face the deep sadness and pain of grief all alone, unable to attend funerals or memorial services” said Rev Sarah Jones, Team Vicar at All Saints. “We hope this service on 27 June will offer a comforting space to remember our loved ones and give thanks to God for their lives.”

Everyone is welcome to attend but booking is essential, due to the reduced capacity within the church. If you would like to attend then please book your free ticket at