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Rucksack appeal for Sierra Leone

Lori Spragg’s excellent charity Build on Books is sending rucksacks to orphaned children in Sierra Leone. Last year we helped her send loads of bags so we’d love it if we could do the same this year.

She needs sturdy rucksacks for children aged 9 up to secondary school age. They can be empty, or filled with any combination of the following: small toys, balls, games; school supplies eg pens, pencils, rubbers, calculators; toothpaste & toothbrushes. Sweets are welcome but nothing that will melt in the Sierra Leone heat – no gummy sweets or chocolate (jars of Nutella would however be welcome!)

Shipping date will be early November so not much time to do this. Please deliver to Liz Ferris at 30 Trinity Avenue, or to Lori at 38 Oak Tree Road, as soon as possible.