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Schools update: Sandygate year 2 habitat hunters

This term the children in Year 2 have been very excited about their new topic – ‘Habitat Hunters’.Throughout the topic we have looked at the different habitats that animals live in and how these habitats are suited to their particular needs. The children have enjoyed researching information about a range of animals from mammals to minibeasts, writing fact cards, nonchronological reports and adventure stories.

The topic started with a really inspiring visit to the Amersham Field Studies Centre (Mop End). The incredible staff there led us throughout a thrilling day! The children discussed what they knew about particular creatures and their features and they took votes on what they thought they would find during the day. Whilst walking through the woods the children looked under logs, leaves and mud to find as many minibeasts as they could. Then they looked at them in clear pots and examined their features. There was a key that helped the children to find out what creature they had found but there were still some that couldn’t be identified! Another habitat that the children experienced was the pond habitat and everyone had a go at pond dipping. The children were amazed with their finds and loved comparing the sizes of the creatures that could be found in the different parts of the pond.

Back at school, the children have enjoyed taking this learning further and finding even more information on minibeasts.

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