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Shoebox appeal

The annual Family Shoebox Appeal, run by Christian charity – Link to Hope, has been going since 1992 and has delivered smiles to thousands of people in Eastern Europe over the years. In fact, they have sent over 600,000 shoeboxes to hundreds of different locations! The Family Shoeboxes of gifts are given to families who often have to make a choice between buying food or fuel at Christmas time – buying presents is just not a priority. Many of these families do not have running water, heating or electricity. Some live in appalling conditions, often living in just one or two rooms, and life for them is a real struggle to survive.

Due to the number of elderly people that are now being left alone due to their families leaving to work away, Link to Hope have launched the Elderly Shoebox Appeal. The boxes are similar however the childrens games and education materials are replaced with a wind up torch, sensory items, candle and holder etc.

Could you spare just a few pounds in order to fill up a shoebox with gifts and help spread a bit of Christmas cheer to those in desperate need? If so then please take a leaflet from the back of church, or download one, then fill a shoebox with suitable gifts, wrap it in Christmas paper, complete the contents/customs form, attach £2 and return to church by the end of October. Thank you!