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Make new friends, learn something new, and grow closer to God

We think that Small Groups are central to the community life of our church outside of Sunday gatherings. We believe scripture teaches that the Christian life works better in community. Small Groups are also an important place where we can relate our faith to all of our lives, the things we do and face every day. They meet regularly in homes and venues across the locality.

There are lots of different groups to choose from, but the essence of every group is the same – to provide places to …

…make new friends, learn something new and grow closer to God.

The Small Group structure is designed to make it easy for us all to sign up. Many groups will be brand new each term. Some groups may only last for just the three months’ duration of a term, whilst others will run continuously from term to term until the leaders choose to rest. This means attendees don’t have to feel tied to one group forever, giving them opportunity to possibly try a different type of group each term. Others however, especially as they connect deeper into the community of the church, may begin to deepen relationships by staying with just one group for a longer season beyond a single term – it’s always up to the attendees – we might make recommendations along the way, but the decision ultimately rests with them.

Information about the groups will be available on the church database and the website from Sunday 5 January. Help with sign up will be available after the Sunday morning services on the 5th, 12th and 19th January.

Most groups will then start in late January. If your chosen group is full then please look at other possibilities. If you are a member of an existing group that is listed you still need to sign up.

If you have any questions, please email and we shall endeavour to help you in your decision.

Sarah Fitzgerald, Kathy Burns and Ruth Frost.

General Groups

General groups will meet in homes, worship together, discuss a book in the Bible or follow a particular programme and pray for one another. General groups include an element of fun and social activity and aim to provide a greater opportunity of going deeper.

Ordinarily these groups will have a strong discipleship edge and be strong on pastoral care.

Some of the general groups will opt to meet for more than one term consecutively for those with a desire to form longer-term friendships.

Activity Groups

Activity groups are those groups led by leaders around a special interest or hobby. This could be simply gathering a group of people in a coffee shop and discussing a book that the group is reading together, or people meeting up each week to go for a walk, ending with a drink in a café or pub, doing craft or doing a sporting activity. Activity groups gather like-minded people around a common theme. Activities are limited only by the imagination and passions of the leaders – sports, nature, hobbies, food, movies, outdoor pursuits, crafts and seasonal activities are just some of the possibilities. At some point discussion can also include prayer needs or the Sunday sermon, etc.


Each term we aim to have different courses running. These courses will include things like Alpha, marriage courses, prayer course, evangelism, etc.

Our hope is that these central courses will be easy places both for larger numbers to attend, but also a familiar space for newer church members to come along to.

Life Stage Groups

It is recognised that at particular stages in life it is helpful to meet with others who are at that same stage. The aim therefore is to have groups such as those for young adults, parents of young children, and older people who value a daytime group.

These groups may operate in a similar way to the general groups, and the leaders will send through details of the study they will be using each term, in advance ready for the Small Groups’ guide.

There may be a more pastoral element to some of these groups, in line with the needs associated with that stage of life.

General Groups

Wednesday Wonders – Bible Study

We will be meeting each week to study the bible, talk and pray together. More suitable for women.

When: Meets fortnightly on Wednesdays from 8-10pm
Where: Bovingdon Heights, Marlow
Contact: Arlene McIlwaine

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Bible Study Group – The Apostle John

We are continuing to study John with particular attention to Christ’s “I ams”.

When: Thursdays from 8-9.30pm. Dates to be confirmed
Where: Mieke Gaynor’s home
Contact: Joy Halton

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Thursday Fellowship – Questions in John’s Gospel

Some of the questions which Jesus asks are: What do you want? Why do you involve me? Do you want to get well? Does this offend you? Where are your accusers? Don’t you know me? Do you now believe? Is that your own idea? We will study the context of these questions and consider what our responses might be.

When: Meets fortnightly on Thursdays from 7.30-9pm. Runs from 9 January to 2 April
Where: Andrew & Chris Carter’s house in Marlow
Contact: Andrew & Chris Carter

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After Alpha – Looking to continue after an Alpha course?

Continuing the journey of finding your faith together.

When: Weekly on Tuesdays from 8-10pm. Starts on 7 January
Where: All Saints’ Church, Marlow
Contact: Mark Gould

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Prayer and Cake

We plan to watch the eight-week video series from The Prayer Course and hopefully share ideas about how to incorporate more prayer into family life. We fully intend to multi-task and enjoy tea and cake at the same time! For women. Pre-school children welcome!

When: Meets weekly on Tuesdays from 10-11.30am. Runs from 14 January to 10 March
Where: Amy’s kitchen
Contact: Amy Kearey or Caroline Bradley-Sessions

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Table Talk – Creating friendship and sharing around the table

“Table Talk”, led by Jeannie Hampton and Sue Peperell. Jeannie and Sue will provide a supper in their homes where the group can share and support one another.

When: Meets Thursdays from 7.30pm. Meets on 16 January, 12 March and 2 April
Where: Jeannie Hampton and Sue Peperell’s homes
Contact: Sue Peperell or Jeannie Hampton

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Activity Groups

Knitting and Crochet Group

We are a group who get together to knit and natter and have been turning our knitted squares into larger blankets for distribution to areas of need both here and abroad via Knit For Peace UK; an initiative of the Charities Advisory Trust. We also knit “beanies”; teddies; “twiddle muffs”; pocket dolls and baby cardigans. Non-knitters welcome to come along for a chat too.

When: Fortnightly on Wednesdays from 8-9.30pm. Starts on 29 January
Where: Various people’s homes
Contact: Julia Stacey

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Saturday Morning Coffee Club

Does what it says on the tin, a chance to get together for a coffee on a Saturday morning! No need to sign up (unless you want to). You will need to buy your own coffee!

When: Saturday mornings, 10.30-11.30am. Runs on fourth Saturdays: 25 January, 22 February and 28 March
Where: Baroosh, Marlow
Contact: Vanessa Faulkner

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Book Club

We tend to find books which stimulate discussion with the majority of them having Christianity as a major factor. Everyone present is encouraged to have an input and express their opinions. For those who enjoy reading challenging books.

When: First Sunday of the month from 2.30-4.30pm. Starts on 2 February
Where: Various people’s homes
Contact: Sue Glyn-Woods or Elizabeth Masser

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INTRO – A welcome small group for All Saints, Marlow

Are you new to All Saints Marlow? Would you like to find out more about the church’s Vision and Values? Would you like to meet some more people and get to know more of the team? Then this is the group for you! Join us for five fortnightly sessions where we get to know each other whilst being inspired by what God has planned for us here in Marlow.

When: Fortnightly on Tuesday evenings from 7.30-9.30pm. Runs from 28 January to 24 March
Where: All Saints Marlow Church Hall
Contact: Gill Taylor or Ruth Frost

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The Alpha Course – Explore life, faith and meaning

The phenomenally successful Alpha Course is running again in 2020. The course gives an opportunity to explore the really big questions of life and time to think through the big issues. Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, run over 10 weeks. Each session has a video that looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. All Alphas have three key things in common: food, a talk and good conversation.

When: Weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7.45pm. Runs from 22 January to 1 April (no meeting on 19 February)
Where: Meetings will be in All Saints’ Church, Marlow
Contact: Parish Office on 01628 481806

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Churches Together Lent Course – “Superstar”

In this ecumenical course, we will explore themes from the lyrics of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s hit show including: Who is Jesus?, miracles, psalms, the church, cross purposes. We will be using a York Course booklet with an audio that brings the opinions of leading Christian thinkers into our discussion.

When: Daytime and evening groups will be formed, to meet for five weeks between Ash Wednesday and Holy Week. Days will be chosen to fit in with the requirements of participants. Runs from 2 March to 3 April
Where: To be confirmed
Contact: Tony Threlfall

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The Relationship Course

The Relationship Course is for any couple who want to invest four evenings in making their relationship stronger. The courses focuses on marriage and explores some principles that help build a healthy life together. Guests will include those exploring the idea of getting married, those who are engaged and those who are already married.

The course is designed for those who want to give their relationship the best possible foundation. It is based on Christian principles but designed for all couples with or without a church background.

Each session includes refreshments and cake, a practical talk, and a time for discussion between you and your partner. Background music ensures that you can chat in complete privacy. You will never be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner. The evenings are designed to be fun and to give you lots of great discussions together.

When: Tuesdays at 7.30-10pm. Runs on 25 February, and 3, 10 and 17 March
Where: All Saints’ Church Hall, Marlow
Contact: Revd Dave Bull or Parish Office on 01628 481806

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Preaching Course – A beginner’s guide on giving a Christian talk

This course is designed to equip people to give a basic biblical talk. We will ask what is preaching? And why do we do it? We will then look at how we go about choosing bible passages, doing some background reading, writing and giving the talk. There will be a number of practical exercises during the course for people to practice the skills that they have been learning.

This course will not force anyone to give any sermons in church though there could be some opportunity where appropriate. It could be an ideal course for those who from time to time give sermons in church who would like to hone their skills. It could be similarly ideal for someone who occasionally leads in a small group who wants to take their leading to the next level.

When: Dates and times to be confirmed, dependent on numbers
Contact: Revd Roland Slade

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Youth Confirmation Classes – For children interested in confirming their faith

What does my faith mean in my life? How does being a Christian and being part of the church connect? What about communion? We will be looking at these issues and much more for those who want to take that next step in committing to their faith in Jesus. Young people are welcome to join the course without necessarily having to be confirmed at the end of it.

In each session we will play games, eat snacks, have fun, discuss, look at the bible and pray!

When: Mondays from 5.30-6.45pm Runs on 3, 10, 24 February and 2 March. The confirmation service is Sunday 8 March at 4pm in High Wycombe
Where: To be confirmed
Contact: Revd Sami Watts or Matt Clark

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Life Stage Groups

Young Adults

A small group for young adults to both socialise and study the Bible together. Suitable for young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 years. Everyone welcome whether you attend church or not.

When: Mondays from 8-10pm. Starts on 6 January
Where: Meets in various people’s homes
Contact: Ruth Frost

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Ladies’ Lunch

For widows or ladies on their own. Predominantly older ladies who enjoy meeting others for lunch and discussion. Over lunch we discuss topical questions, relevant news, personal worries.

When: To be confirmed
Where: Various locations including homes, pubs and restaurants
Contact: Sue Glyn-Woods

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Parentalk – The Early Years

This group offers support to those parenting pre-school and primary age children. We will be using the Parentalk resources from Care for the Family – video and discussion. We will happily welcome parents in couples, on their own, or just one of two. We are not experts! We will be thinking about topics such as communications, expectations, stress, comparisons and fun. It is suitable for parents of children in primary school or younger.

When: Wednesdays from 8-9.30pm. Meets on 29 January, 5 and 12 February, and 4, 11 and 18 March
Where: Meets in Marlow Bottom (to be confirmed)
Contact: Revd Sami Watts or Revd Graham Watts

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Axis – Games and fellowship for boys ages 11-18

We meet once a week for table football and snooker tournaments, games of tag and football, pizza and sweets and discussion on faith. If that sounds fun to you, we’d love to meet you. We vary week to week from discussions of faith, playing games and having external activities like boxing from Genesis Gym or speakers like Jason McCarthy (Wycombe Wanderers Defender). Axis welcomes any faith background whether you know God or not.

When: Starts Wednesday 8 January 6.30-8.30pm. Runs weekly through term-time
Where: Normally at the crypt (check Instagram or contact Matt)
Contact: Matt Clark

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Cake – Fun and fellowship for girls ages 11-18

We meet to have fun, eat cake and build friendships. Each week has a particular focus on either; bible study and faith discussions or activities such as games, crafts and outings. This group is great for wherever you are with your faith or if you have none at all! Come hang out with some amazing young women, discover more about God and have fun along the way.

When: Starts Friday 10 January 7:30-9:30pm. Runs weekly through term-time
Where: Homes or at the crypt (check Instagram or contact Becca)
Contact: Matt Clark or Becca Schmeer

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