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The God who changes lives – Jason’s story

Jason McCarthy is a professional footballer, now playing for Millwall, who participated in Alpha at All Saints over the summer. Here is his story…

Football WAS my God. Everything associated with my football I was placing in my identity and letting it define who I was. June 2017 I signed for Barnsley who were in the second tier of English football. Up to this point my career had been plain sailing. I’d gone through the levels each year. Within two weeks into my time at Barnsley my grandad and suddenly my uncle had passed away and my life had been threatened at knife point. I was struggling to settle into life up north although things on the pitch were good. Until Christmas time.

I’d lost my place in the team, it felt like I had nothing and all hope was lost. Someone with me at Barnsley who was also out of the team (George Moncur) was handling everything so well. He shared with me his faith and how God has a plan for all of us. He seemed so peaceful and I envied it.

I ended up signing for Wycombe Wanders that summer. Within the first few weeks I was seeing the same light that I saw in George Moncur in my new mate at Wycombe, Alex Samuel. I started asking questions. Sure enough he was a Christian. We started meeting regularly. He shared a scripture with me (Psalm 23) The Lord is my Shepherd I have all that I need. So I took a leap of faith.

On November 9th 2018 I cried out to God that I would live for him, that I believe Jesus died for me. It seems like overnight but God has now placed a purpose in me, I know who I am in him. He walks with me everyday. I know now I’m not alone, I’m surrounded. I have faith in someone that is never going to let me down!

This article featured in the Autumn 2019 edition of The Bridge – the magazine for All Saints’ Church in Marlow. Pick up your free copy in church or download it here.

All Saints Marlow - The Bridge 2019