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Wycombe Homeless Connection

Wycombe Homeless Connection

At this time of year, Wycombe Homeless Connection gears itself up to prepare for the colder weather and the night shelter season. New volunteers are always welcomed, but especially in the next month or two when they have training sessions planned.

Wycombe Homeless Connection’s year round core business is advice, advocacy and resettlement services. They employ three front line support workers who cover over a thousand one-to-one support meetings each year and provide benefits and housing advice, referral to specialist agencies, advocacy with official bodies, mediation with families and introductions to landlords or therapeutic communities. Where appropriate, they provide household starter items and also offers volunteer tenancy support for a period to help resettled clients address their particular issues.

From January through March each year, Wycombe Homeless Connection volunteers with staff support provide a rolling emergency shelter using seven church halls to accommodate up to twelve guests each evening. The Wycombe Winter Night Shelter is noted for the quality of its welcome and food, and provides over 900 bed-nights to 40 or 50 individuals each year. Individuals are referred by a Housing Officer at the Council and risk-assessed by the Probation Service. Shelter stays are normally limited to 28 days and are designed to provide a period of stability to allow guests to engage with WHC services to address accommodation and other issues.

If you have always thought that you would like to help, now is the time to drop in to the Advice and Support Centre in Castle Street (weekday mornings) or you can take a look at their website.