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Youth work at All Saints Marlow

We have a bunch of wonderful youth volunteers and each area we are involved in is looking healthy, so thank you so much to those who have stepped forward to help and for all of the prayers.

We launched Game On at the beginning of the academic year. So far we have had a core regular group come along and a lot of fun. We’ve had a Bake Off, pizza making, lots of craft, computer games, Bonfire Meet and a Children in Need Onesie/DVD night, to name but a few.

We have also just introduced a fortnightly small group time, which we are still tweaking at present. Please pray we get the word out about this and see more young people come along. We are still going into Borlase each Wednesday for the Doughnut Club and have seen a large increase in the number attending and regularly get around 15 youth. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have some fun, some doughnuts (of course) and to learn more about Jesus. It would be wonderful to do more but as always time is a limiting factor, so prayer for that would be great. The Youth Council have been amazing at helping build our youth work and continue to be a great steering group that inputs into the decisions we make. So a big thank you to them for speaking up and giving their time. The Breakfast Club, has been a great place for the youth to hang out and just get to know one another a little more. If there are any young people who have not been down to the crypt for this, please do come along.

Kirsty has been running a small group at her home, C.A.K.E with God and this has proved to be really popular. It is a great chance for the girls who attend to learn more about their faith and grow in their friendships.

If you are interested in the Youth Band, Gill would love to hear from you. We are really lacking in Year 8 and above and you would get to lead worship at the 10:59 service about every other month. How cool is that! Our inter church youth ‘Unity’ has had a struggling start but we have had two social events, RUSH & SILENT DISCO, and in a few weeks we will be heavily involved in the Informal Christmas Carol Service. If there are any youth or parents not on our email list, please do email me ( as there is so much good stuff happening and we would love to keep you updated. We also have a youth Facebook page and will soon be setting up Instagram!

Please do be praying for our youth work, it feels like there is so much opportunity and not enough hours. Also, we have some great regular events but we now need to get the word out there. We would also love to encourage youth on the edge to put at least one God related event into their week which can help them in their faith journey.

Thank you so much for all of the prayers, to the wonderful youth team who serve so generously, the encouragements, the fabulous youth and all the practical help from people, it has been a massive blessing.

Helen Godwin
Youth Leader at All Saints Marlow

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