St Mary The Virgin

Marlow Bottom

Welcome to St Mary The Virgin.

We are a small, but outward looking congregation in Marlow Bottom. To see a little bit more about what goes on in Marlow Bottom, view our latest news sheets by clicking on the links below:

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New to the Church?

Whether you’re visiting Marlow Bottom and just passing through, or you are new to the area and are looking to find a new church, perhaps you are just starting to explore the Christian faith, we want you to feel welcome in St Mary’s Church and come to think of it as home. You will find plenty of information on this website about the church, what we believe and what we do, but if you want to find out more then we’re always happy to talk.

How to find us

St Mary's Church is located on the main road through Marlow Bottom, Marlow Bottom Road – just before Kingsley Drive.

The St Mary The Virgin Team

Team Vicar: Revd Sami Watts

Sami is married to Graham (who is also Team Vicar of St. Mary’s, Marlow Bottom). They arrived in the area in September 2014 from Northwood in North West London, which is the area where she grew up. She comes from a big family (youngest of 5!) and started her Christian life going to a URC church with all of them. Going on a camp at the age of 14 helped her find a faith of her own, and she has been pursuing, and pursued by, God ever since. She and the family still attend camp every year. Sami loves theatre, cinema and reading, as well as being passionate about sharing faith, food and friendship with those around her. She is an avid starter of crossword puzzles and a reluctant attender of the gym. She and Graham are looking forward to see what God has in store for Marlow Bottom.

Team Vicar: Revd Graham Watts

Graham is married to Sami (who is also Team Vicar of St. Mary’s, Marlow Bottom!) and they have three children. He was born and brought up a bit further down the Thames in Egham, Surrey. It was through being invited to sing in the church choir as a boy that Graham started going to church. It has been the difference that he has seen God make in people’s lives and in the local community that has kept him going. Graham loves sport: watching football, rugby and cricket and competing in triathlons (the shorter versions!). Graham is a Governor at Burford School in Marlow Bottom and is enjoying being part of that community but with his oldest child having just started secondary school he is feeling unsure as to where the time goes! Despite this he is excited at what God is doing in the Valley!

Churchwarden: Kathy Burns

Kathy lives in Marlow Bottom with her husband Richard. They have two children and four grandchildren. She is a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator in a primary school. Her hobbies include table tennis, walking and Pilates. Originally from the North-East, Kathy became a Christian while living in Leeds and, after moving to Cumbria, arrived in Marlow in 1992.

Churchwarden: Nigel Lewis

Nigel lives in Marlow Bottom with his wife Kate and their two children. He has been a member of St Mary’s congregation for over 30 years and has been attending the Lantern services since it was started two years ago. During the week Nigel works as a Change Manager for Oxford University Press and spends his free time in the evenings and weekends volunteering as a Scout Leader in Marlow District.

Youth Intern: Hannah Fitzgerald

Hannah is currently doing a youth work internship with the Lantern church. She is 20 years old and moved to Marlow about four years ago. She was brought up close to Christ by her family, and Christian youth camps such as Haslemere Ventures have had a big impact on her life and spiritual growth. She enjoys art, baking, photography and has a big love of animals.


St Mary’s is a modern dual purpose church/community building (dedicated in 1965) which is extensively used by the local community. It is used as a pre-school by day and by Baden Powell groups and other local groups in the evenings. Available to rent, it has full disabled facilities, modern heating, and a well equipped kitchen.