One Can Trust

Providing emergency food parcels to people in crisis.

12,000 children in Bucks live in income poverty. Many people are struggling financially and this means there’s often a decision between paying a major bill or eating.

It is not unheard for parents to skip meals to make sure their children can eat! A foodbank is a simple idea: collect food, sort it and give it out to those who need it.

One Can Trust provides a short-term free emergency food supply of items such as meat, vegetables and puddings etc. The parcel provides enough nutritious basic ingredients, together with menu cards, to create a number of meals.

The One Can Foodbank is stocked by the generosity of people from local churches, schools, companies and individuals who regularly donate food, time and money. This community of people also come together regularly to sort, pick, pack and distribute food parcels to those in need.

One Can Trust currently has less than one months supply of food in the warehouse, with school holidays a particularly hard time for families. Summer hunger is a rising problem in the UK and thousands of children will miss out on meals this year. Please give generously now in the hope we can replenish the stores in time for the summer holidays!

Urgently required are tins of ham, corned beef, meatballs, meat meals eg.stew and curry, meat pies, potatoes, tomatoes, fruit, custard and rice pudding, plus rice (500g or 1kg), UHT milk, shampoo, toilet rolls, jelly and Angel Delight.

Visit the One Can Trust website for more information.