prayer is essential to grow our relationship with God

Just as talking and listening are vital to growing our human relationships – prayer is essential to grow our relationship with God. We’re all unique, so how we pray will be too. On this page we aim to let you know more about the various prayer opportunities within the parish. We want to encourage you as you seek to pray more and grow in your relationship with our amazing God.

24 / 7 Prayer

247-prayerAt times throughout the year we organise weeks of 24/7 Prayer. During these weeks we join with Christians all over the world praying day and night – literally 24/7. We encourage you to participate in these – come along and pray for an hour or two; on your own or with friends. Click here for more inspiration and resources.

During Holy Week we’re attempting to pray 24/7 for our community, our nation and our world. That’s all day, every day from Palm Sunday to Easter Day, for 168 hours! Join in by picking an hour that suits you, signing up, and then praying in your house at the allotted time.

Need Prayer?

prayer-13-04-3 We have set up an email prayer request service, and you can email your prayer requests directly to:, or submit it by using the form below.

Praying for each other is one of the best ways we can support each other – so let’s get praying. If you would like to receive prayer requests then sign up to the email prayer group by sending an email to who will add you to the group. There is also a prayer board at the back of the church for you to add your prayer requests. This is well used by our local community. These prayer requests will also be sent via the email prayer request service.

Useful Contacts:

If you have any questions on prayer then please do get in touch with our Worship and Creative Prayer Leader – Gill Taylor – who can be contacted at If you would like a pastoral visit, please contact the Parish Office on 01628 481806 or via email at

Prayer Request Form