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Alpha Course

Do you have questions about life, death and God?

The phenomenally successful Alpha Course is running again this coming term in Marlow. The course gives an opportunity to explore the really big questions of life and time to think through the big issues. If you have ever wondered about life after death, about the place of suffering in our world, the many religions that all seem to offer to lead us to God – then this is the course for you. We eat together, listen to a speaker together and then discuss together. In the process friendships are often made!

You can find out more about Alpha courses here and why not check out the You Tube trailer to see what others are saying about the course.

Alpha runs for ten weeks, missing out half term, and will finish around the Easter holidays. There will be a crèche and coffee and cakes served in the morning and an ‘Assembly Rooms’ meal in the evening. To register for either the evening or morning course please contact