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Get married at one of our beautiful churches

In the marriage ceremony, a couple make a public declaration of lifelong commitment to love each other.

A commitment, by its nature, is a challenge. Saying ‘I will’ to those vows obliges you to forgive and be forgiven. It will be tough at times! So marriage is a risk, but a risk worth taking.

Marriage has always been part of God’s good plan for us. There is something in a public commitment of this magnitude that has a spiritual element to it and which can transform a relationship to a new and deeper level. God intended marriage to be the right place to grow in love and support for each other, fulfil our sexuality and provide a stable and secure environment for bringing up children. Marriage can change us for the better, and as we change, our marriage grows along with us.

A wedding is a grand occasion for family and friends and marks a new beginning for a new family. Jesus loved a good wedding: his first recorded miracle was when he turned water into wine at a wedding reception (John 2).

Getting married at one of our churches

We are delighted that you are thinking of celebrating your wedding in one of our churches. Each of our churches offers a unique atmosphere for your wedding day and our clergy love conducting services and will do all they can to make your day special, reflecting your unique love for one another.

A marriage application form can be downloaded by clicking here. Please complete it and email it to the Parish Office. When your application has been processed and the date and time of your wedding confirmed, you and your fiancé will be invited to attend a Marriage Preparation course. These courses run regularly over three midweek evenings and include refreshments, activities and guidance in a relaxed atmosphere. We hope this will be a good addition to your plans for your wedding day and your married life.

You will be contacted by the person taking your wedding to discuss the order of service, book a wedding rehearsal and answer any questions you may have.

If you do not attend any of our churches yet, why not start coming regularly to a service now? It will give you the opportunity to get to know us better and for us to get to know you. Also you will be able to get familiar with the church building and start feeling at home.

Read more about our churches below or visit the main contact page to get in touch with the 4U Team.

our churches

We have churches in Marlow, Bisham, Little Marlow and Marlow Bottom which have a range of services, activities and events of differing patterns and styles - you can read more about the individual churches that make up our team by following the links below.

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All Saints


Welcome to the church by the Bridge which for nearly two centuries has been the iconic image of Marlow. In its central location, the church is not just at the heart of Marlow geographically, but also spiritually.

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All Saints


Welcome to the ancient church of Bisham, standing on one of the loveliest reaches of the Thames. Restorations have been made to the church over the years, but harmony in its ancient beauty has been maintained.

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St John The Baptist

Little Marlow

St John the Baptist has been welcoming visitors for nearly 1,000 years. In this 21st century we extend that invitation to you and hope to encourage you to come and see us soon.

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The Lantern

Marlow Bottom

Welcome to the Lantern where a loyal and friendly congregation await you. The Lantern is at the heart of the community with its modern building being used throughout the week by various organisations.

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