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Make new friends, learn something new, and grow closer to God

We think that small groups are central to the community life of our church outside of Sunday gatherings. We believe scripture teaches that the Christian life works better in community. Small groups are also an important place where we can relate our faith to all of our lives, the things we do and face every day. They meet regularly in homes and venues across the locality. There are lots of different groups to choose from, but the essence of every group is the same – to provide places to make new friends, learn something new and grow closer to God.

The small group structure is designed to make it easy for us all to sign up. Many groups will be brand new each term. Some groups may only last for just the three month duration of a term, while others will run continuously from term to term until the leaders choose to rest. This means attendees don’t have to feel tied to one group forever, giving them opportunity to possibly try a different type of group each term. Others however, especially as they connect deeper into the community of the church, may begin to deepen relationships by staying with just one group for a longer season beyond a single term – it’s always up to the attendees.

Each small group will have a category depending on the focus of the group. For example, traditional Bible study groups will be categorised as ‘General’, walking or cycling groups will be categorised as ‘Activity’, and so on. This term there are four categories – General, Courses, Activity and Life Stage.

Below you will find the list of groups that are available this term. Click on each group to find out more, or to book on to that group. Members of existing groups that are listed below will still need to sign up and register their place if they want to continue.


Wednesday Wonders – Bible Study and Fellowship

Ecclesiastes – A life Guide Bible Study. Making sense out of life. Is it all meaningless? Where can we find fulfilment?

Contact: Arlene McIlwaine (01628 473588)
When: Every two weeks. 8-10pm on Wednesdays
Where: Marlow
Dates:18th April – 18th July
Who’s this for?: More suited to Women

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The Early Church

Some social evenings, prayer and Bible study from Acts. Following on from the death and resurrection of Jesus, what happened next? We look at how the early church developed and scattered throughout the world.

Contacts: David and Marilyn Clarke (01628 472774)
When: Every two weeks. 7.45-9.30pm on Tuesdays
Where: Oak Tree Avenue, Marlow
Dates: 10th April – 24th July
Who’s this for?: Adults

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Six Parables from Luke’s Gospel

Contact: Joy Halton (01628 483706)
When: Every two weeks. 7.30-9pm on Thursdays
Where: Lodge Close, Marlow
Dates: 19th April – 12th July
Who’s this for?: Middle aged upwards

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The Psalms – A Eugene Peterson Study

Contact: Sandy Powell
When: Every two weeks. 8-9.30pm on Wednesdays
Where: Seymour Park Road, Marlow
Dates: 18th April – 11th July
Who’s this for?: Adults

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There is currently no availability in the following groups this term:

  • Dave Baldwin
  • Chris and Andrew Carter
  • Graham Meeks
  • Kathy Burns
  • Cliff and Jeannie Hampton


There are no courses scheduled to be held during the Spring term.


Film Club

To see ‘serious’ films or films with a message at local cinemas then discuss over a cup of coffee.

Contact: Caroline Wesson (01628 471669)
When: Every 2 weeks, whenever convenient for group
Where: Parsonage Gardens, Marlow and various local cinemas
Dates: 23rd April – 16th July
Who’s this for?: For those over 18

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LOVE Marlow – Prayer and Practical Action

LOVE Marlow is an annual community festival organised by Churches Together in Marlow; which will take place 1-17 June 2018.

LOVE Marlow’s vision is for Marlow to be a town in which life, love, and all that is good is held up and celebrated. The aim is to help strengthen relationships across the town by promoting kindness, volunteering and fun, so that every resident feels cared for, every business thrives, everyone who works here knows they are valued, and every visitor is welcomed.

In this small group we’ll be splitting our time between praying for the festival’s outreach to the local community; planning some prayer activities to take place during the festival; and undertaking some practical actions to support the wider running of the festival. We’ll all do some praying and some practical action, but you’ll be able to choose which area to focus on, depending on your preference.

Contacts: Paul and Gill Taylor
When: Weekly. 8-10pm on Thursdays
Where: Pinecroft, Marlow
Dates: 3rd May – 14th June
Who’s this for?:

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British Sign Language

During LOVE Marlow we will be running a special sign language workshop giving you the opportunity to learn a few basics and even try signing a worship song!

As a follow up to this we will run a British Sign Language small group in the second half of summer term in order to practise and learn some more signs and songs!

Absolutely no experience necessary – EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Look out for the BSL workshop during Love Marlow.

Contact: Anna Clarke
When: Weekly. 8pm on Mondays
Dates: 18th May – 23rd July

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Knitting Group

We are a social group who meet and share our spiritual journeys. In the Spring term we will continue to knit ‘fish & chip’ vests for newborn babies. They are sent out in aqua boxes to disaster areas. The vests are simple to make and are commonly called ‘fish & chip’ vests (as they replace the newspaper babies are often wrapped in when disaster strikes). Non-knitters who would like to just come along for a chat are most welcome too.

Contact: Sally Brasier (07814 004997)
When: Every 2 weeks. 8–9.30pm on Wednesdays
Where: Various
Dates: 25th April – 18th July
Who’s this for?: Adults

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Daytime Bike Riders

A social weekday outing including a bike ride. The length of the ride and level of difficulty to be decided with those who want to take part. Most suitable for hybrid or mountain bikes rather than road bikes, as routes are likely to have some cycling on tracks.

Contact: Sarah Jones (01628 475104)
When: Tuesdays
Dates: 15th May – 17th July
Who’s this for?: Not suitable for under 18s

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Walking and Coffee

An opportunity to walk together and enjoy a coffee stop. Four legged friends are also welcome. We expect walk plus coffee to take about two hours.

Contacts: Sara Edwardes (01628 478516) and Alison Branch (07970 302306)
When: 10am on Mondays
Dates: 23rd & 30th April, 14th & 21st May, 18th & 25th June

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Glad Sound

This group is aimed at those who enjoy singing informally with others and who might also enjoy learning a few ukulele chords to strum a simple accompaniment. The aim is to master just the chords we need to add to our voices and create a ‘Glad Sound’. We will very soon be strumming along to well known spirituals and Christian songs, with some traditional songs and old pop songs added to the mix.

We will make our own music in a relaxed way and seeing where that leads us! If you can bring a ukulele along, please do, but equipment will be available.

Contact: Sue Bartram (01628 472092)
When: 2-3.30pm on Thursdays
Where: New Road, Marlow Bottom
Dates: 19th April – 19th July
Who’s this for?: Adults

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Blokes’ Bible Breakfasts

Start the day with some spiritual and physical nutrition! A chance to gather together with other men at the start of the day to eat a delicious breakfast, cooked or continental.

Over breakfast and banter, we will read a passage of the bible and enjoy a discussion led by Dave Bull. Fun, informative and (we hope!) spiritually enlightening – for those who have never been to church and those who have been all their lives – plus everyone in between.

Contact: Dave Bull
When: 6.45-7.45am
Where: George and Dragon, Marlow
Dates: 26th April, 10th & 24th May, 14th & 28th June, 12th July
Who’s this for?: All men welcome

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There is currently no availability in the Book Club this term.

Life Stage

Teeny Saints

Every Thursday morning between 10-11.30am, parents with 0-3 year olds are welcome to join us for tea/coffee in a relaxed environment at All Saints’ Church. Our creche will be supervised and open for use allowing parents to enjoy some time with one another.

Some weeks we will organise special events where we may have craft for the children, sung worship and praise or even puppet shows!

Contact: Anna Clarke
When: Every week, 10-11.30am on Thursdays
Where: All Saints’ Church, Marlow
Dates: 19th April onwards
Who’s this for?: Parents and carers with 0-3 year olds

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Young adults

The All Saints Young Adults group will be meeting twice a month during the spring term. A typical get together will include supper, games, Bible study & prayer time. Adhoc social events will also be organised throughout the term. Find us on Facebook.

Contact: Ruth Frost
When: Twice a month. 7.30-10pm on Fridays
Dates: 20th April – 13th July
Who’s this for?: 18 to 35s

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Ladies’ Lunch

Contact: Sue Glyn-Woods (01628 483168)
When: Every 2 weeks, 12-2pm on Wednesdays
Where: Members’ homes or local pubs
Dates: 11th April – 11th July
Who’s this for?: Widows/lone ladies

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