Music Trust

Supporting young people in a great musical tradition

All Saints’ Church Marlow has a very strong musical tradition, with a Men and Boys’ Choir, a Senior and Junior Girls’ Choir and an Adult Choir singing at the choral services week by week. It also has a flourishing instrumental group which accompanies more informal worship.

All Saints’ Marlow Music Trust was set up in 2012 with the purpose of enhancing and supporting this important musical tradition by recognising the potential of young musicians and facilitating their access to expert choral and other musical training.

Through the generous support of interested individuals and companies, and through special concerts, the Trust has been able to:

  • Set up a Choral Scholarship scheme to give promising young Choristers individual training.
  • Provide funds for an Organ Scholarship.
  • Provide bursaries for Choristers to attend important training courses, which they might otherwise not have been able to afford.
  • Set aside funds for workshops.

As a result, more and more young people are able to gain both in musical and lifetime skills, and the Trust is confident that, with continued support, the contribution music makes to church and the wider community can be assured.

In addition, the Trust is now seeking to build up its permanent endowment fund, so that the position of Organ Scholar can be established for the long term:

  • The Organ Scholar has a vital role in assisting the Director of Music.
  • Without regular support from a skilled organist, standards and access to suitable repertoire are quickly compromised.
  • The funding of an Organ Scholarship out of regular income will become increasingly difficult and more unpredictable.
  • The only secure way of meeting this aim is to create a permanent endowment fund which will generate sufficient income.

All contributions, however small, are always welcome, whether on a one-off or on a regular basis. The Donation Form (see below) can easily be printed off and, whatever your contribution, the Trustees thank you, in anticipation, for your help in supporting such an important aspect of church and community life.

The objectives of the All Saints’ Music Trust are as follows:

  • To further the religious work of All Saints’ Church, Marlow, by enhancing, safeguarding and sustaining its choral tradition for the benefit of its choristers and other musicians, its parishioners and the community at large.
  • To advance the education of the general public by encouraging, developing and maintaining their interest in the work of the Choirs and Organists of All Saints’ Church through performances of church music (both choral and instrumental) and by such other means as shall be deemed appropriate.

Further information and resources

Donation Form
Choral Scholarship Scheme
Article about the launch of the Trust

Looking back on the benefits of the ASM Music Trust Choral Scholarship, I realise just how fortunate I was to receive such excellent training in vocal technique, music theory and performance, so I would whole-heartedly encourage others to apply” – University Choral Scholar

The [Organ] scholarship in Marlow gave me the possibility to experience and practise the great variety of the British church music in order to complete my musical studies” – Organ Scholar

Without the ASM Music Trust Choral Scholarship, and the singing lessons that came with it, these opportunities would have seemed unattainable” – University Choral Scholar

From the start [he] loved the Boys’ Choir at All Saints’. It gave him the opportunity to be part of a team, and he quickly became a very involved and valued member of that team . . . [He] was honoured to become one of the first [Music Trust] Choral Scholars, a role which he enjoyed” – Chorister Parent